Naked sleepwalker helped back to Manchester hotel

Naked sleepwalker : A man was helped back to his hotel after sleepwalking into the street in Manchester city centre without any clothes on, police have said.

The naked man was spotted outside his hotel on Chorlton Street, at about 04:30 BST.

Greater Manchester Police said it was a “genuine case of sleepwalking”.

Naked sleepwalker

GMP tweeted: “We checked with officers; was proper somnambulism, not a dare. Person grateful for our help + saw the funny side themselves.”

The man’s identity has not been revealed by police.

What really causes things like this to happen to our people .?

Is it is stress or lack of Morals ? this is one of the things very few people can really manage to figure out .

there might be a lot of reasons but this also might depend on the  geographical location or simply culture .
Naked sleepwalker