Japanese pop star stabbed multiple times by fan for returning his gift

A Japanese pop star has been reported to have been assaulted, getting stabbed multiple times by a fan after she had reportedly returned a gift he had sent to her.

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Mayu Tomita, 20, is reported to be in a coma following the attack which taken place in Western Tokyo, on Saturday, May 21, 2016.

The Police had reportedly found a three-inch folding knife, as well as a blood stained mask an a trail of blood on the stairway where the star had been set to perform at a concert that fateful evening.

The suspect, Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27, has reportedly confessed to stabbing Tomita in the neck and chest, claiming that he had waylaid her because she had returned a gift he had sent to her.

The Japan Times reports that Iwazaki had confessed to the police, saying:

“I lost my temper and stabbed her many times because she didn’t clearly answer.”

The suspect is believed to have sent Tomita tons of messages via Twitter and her blog, as one of the posts claims that he had sent the star a watch between January and February only to have it returned in April.

The post also read:

“I will never forget that I was looked down upon by you.”

In another message, Iwazaki said:

“It’d would be radical to kill just because (someone was) rejected by a girl.”

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The reports reveal that the police is set to arrest Iwazaki again on suspicion of attempted murder.japani

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