Schwarzenegger says he’s not ready to endorse Trump — or anyone — just yet

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he isn’t ready to endorse Donald Trump for president — at least not yet.

“I will make an announcement before the election, you can be sure of that,” Schwarzenegger said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “But I will do it my way, which is always an unusual way.”

The Republican former governor of California announced his 2003 gubernatorial run on “The Tonight Show.”

Schwarzenegger, who earlier this year campaigned for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, said he plans to “study the various different candidates, what they represent, all of them” before making his endorsement.

But Schwarzenegger also carefully avoided criticizing the soon-to-be Republican nominee, whom he will replace as host of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“I think it is important that we go and bring both of the parties together,” he said. “The more we go to the left, the more we go to the right, I believe of what President Eisenhower said, ‘Politics is like the road. The left and the right represents the gutter, and the middle is drivable.’”

The 68-year-old bodybuilder turned actor turned two-term governor said he doesn’t think about the similarities between his unlikely political rise and the one Trump is currently experiencing.

“I don’t really study that much of what is the difference,” Schwarzenegger said.

While stumping for Kasich in February, Schwarzenegger compared the Ohio governor to his most famous role.

“This is you,” Schwarzenegger said. “You are the Terminator.”

Meanwhile, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — whom Trump is refusing to debate — is forging ahead in the Democratic race against Hillary Clinton with the California primary and its 475 delegates just 10 days away.

“Obviously, if we don’t do well in California, it will make our path much, much harder,” Sanders said on “Meet the Press.” “California is the big enchilada.”

Sanders was asked if he would consider being Clinton’s running mate.

“Well, right now, here we are in California,” Sanders said. “I’m knocking my brains out to win the Democratic nomination.”

He added: “That’s where I am right now. What happens afterwards, we will see. But right now, my focus is on winning the nomination.”swazin