THEY had police badges, guns and a two-way radio.

They wore private clothes like detectives and drove around in their private car.

But when the two men approached people in the street and identified themselves as officers from the organised crime unit, people would let them search them.

However they were not cops at all, but robbers!

The two fake cops who have been terrorising residents of Ramaphosa and Reiger Park in Boksburg were bust recently.

Police said the men, aged 43 and 36, would stop people as if they were police, search them at gunpoint and rob them of any valuables.

Cops bust the men after the angry community alerted them.

They found the two men sitting in their car.

When questioned, the suspects apparently identified themselves as police officers from the organised crime unit and even produced appointment certificates.

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng said the police immediately realised that the certificates were fake and arrested the men.

The two pistols the men were using were in fact toy guns.

“Two toy guns, four cellphones, a plastic bag with dagga, a two-way radio, some cash and a car were seized,” said Mofokeng.

He said the suspects will be charged with impersonating police officers, possession of suspected stolen goods and dagga.

He said more charges might be added as the investigation continues.

The suspects will appear in the Boksburg Magistrates Court today.fake



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