FAKE SANGOMA : This is the latest scam that fake sangomas are using to lure cash-strapped residents of Angelo squatter camp in Ekurhuleni.

The sangomas’ advertisements are going up all over the kasi, promising to help people win the lottery.

But gatvol residents say they can see right through the fake claims, and that they want these inyangas to stop defrauding people!

“Why are they not winning it themselves? We are tired of inyangas who take advantage of people,” said resident Joe Masemola.

“Most of these inyangas are fake. They don’t have the interests of the people at heart. They just want to make money out of them,” said Enoch Nzolo, another resident.

The posters have been seen in squatter camps, townships and cities across Gauteng.

“They are playing with people’s minds. We are going to remove the posters wherever we see them,” vowed the residents.

Daily Sun contacted the number on the poster and a sangoma who identified himself as Hakim said people could win the Lotto if they only believed they could.

He claimed to have helped many people win the Lotto, but refused to disclose how many winners there had been.

“I can’t tell you how many people I helped. But this thing works.”

Resident Sipho Tenda said he once contacted a sangoma who gave him muthi that was supposed to help him dream of Lotto numbers.

“Not a single number came up. I tried again, but the numbers were all wrong. I don’t trust these guys. I just wanted to see if it works.” FAKE SANGOMA FAKE SANGOMA

Source Daily sun

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