D’banj: I am a blesser


Just hours before his Lip Sync Battle debut on Thursday night‚ Nigerian singer-songwriter D’banj revealed during a side-splitting radio interview with Anele Mdoda on 947‚ that he plans to branch into acting‚ how his mom pressures him to get married‚ and more importantly‚ that he’s a “blesser.”

During a live quiz with the radio host‚ D’banj‚ real name Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo‚ was asked if he would become a ‘blesser’. At first he was thrown off by the question‚ until Anele explained what the term ‘blesser’ means in a South African context.

“What are you talking about? First of all‚ I am a blesser already‚” he confidently responded to the question. “What I’m going to do is that I’m going to have a blessed party – where everyone that comes there is going to be blessed‚ assured‚” he continued.

The Oliver Twist hitmaker‚ who calls his ideal woman a kokolet – “a well-endowed woman with good intellect‚’’ also revealed that his mother has been putting pressure on him to get married.

“She’s told me listen‚ ‘I don’t care about your success. Maybe it’s this success that’s making you not get married‚’” he said.

Speaking about his career‚ the kokomaster teased that he could be trying his hand at acting‚ when Lip Sync Battle Africa is over.

“Once you say you’re an entertainer‚ you don’t want to limit yourself‚” he said.

“So yes‚ I’m going into Hollywood. It might be here in South Africa where I’ll be having a reality show about me.I told you I might be on Isidingo soon.”

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D’banj D’banj