If ANC refuses to go, ‘EFF will force them out


The EFF leader has issued a warning to the ANC that should it lose elections in Tshwane it will be forcefully removed.

The ANC would never relinquish power if it were to lose the upcoming elections, but if that was the case, the EFF would force them out, Julius Malema said.

Speaking during a recorded interview that was aired on Power FM yesterday, Malema said should such a scenario play itself out, they would never fold their arms and sit back.

“If the ANC were to lose the elections to the EFF or the DA, they will fight to remain in power by force, but they must know that we don’t play games; we don’t entertain hooligans … we deal with them decisively.

“The ANC must pray that the EFF must not win in Tshwane because if it is us in power and they refuse to leave, we will force them out of power because we would have that democratic mandate from our people,” he said.

Commenting on the Tshwane mayhem, Malema said it was a result of patronage issues.

“They thrive through patronage and even when those people are not qualified, they are still empowered because they are hooligans who know how to burn tyres and having been employed on the basis of allegiance to individuals. You are so scared that if this individual leaves, it means goodbye for me and leaving this position because most of them were employed not on merit but on the basis of factional alignment,” said Malema.

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“[Kgosientso] Ramokgopa is responsible for the violence in Tshwane and [President Jacob] Zuma is responsible for the violent protests in the country,” Malema said.eff