Malema threatens ‘racist’ pastor’s church


The EFF leader says things will be ‘different’ at this Sunday’s sermon if the pastor does not ‘fall’.

Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema appears to have lashed out at pastor Andre Olivier of the Rivers Church for his alleged racist comments.

He commented about the controversy around the pastor’s sermon on Twitter and his second tweet held a clearly veiled threat that this coming Sunday’s service would be “different” if the pastor did not “fall”.

“Racists must be fought everywhere including those hiding behind the pulpit…,” said Malema.

“Let the church suspend the pastor otherwise the coming Sunday service will be different. #Whitesupremacymustfall”.

Olivier came under fire after his sermon sparked a racial outcry. In his last Sunday sermon, Olivier says that, among other things, white people are prosperous because they work.

“If you are black, God will send you white people. The problem in South Africa, [we say] white people are the problem … no we are not. We have contributed to this nation and we still do. And if you want to know why white people have still got money … it’s because they work, so don’t drive them away.

They can speak into your life. Now don’t get too stressed … if you [are] white, God will send you black people. God will use people who are unlike you to do something in you. Don’t push them away, let them be the voice of God to you. I must say I get annoyed when I watch television, and I see people saying the whites are the problem in the country. No, we [are] not.

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“We have helped build this nation. We took nothing from no one. Maybe the law favoured us, but we worked and are still working. And when you tell me I need to share my wealth, what are you suggesting? Are you suggesting I give away some of it? Are you giving any of yours away? Excuse me? Let’s get back to the message?” said Olivier, to laughter from some among his congregation.

His remarks were construed by some as him implying that black people were poor because they were lazy. In an interview with 702, Olivier said he was taken out of context.

“Sensitive hearts have taken this completely out of context. People are saying I’m a privileged white … that I said people are lazy. I never said that at all,” said Olivier.

One of his black congregants said she would never go to the church and that she would look for a new one.juju