Pirates player tested positive for cocaine read


Pirates stands behind player who tested positive for cocaine

Orlando Pirates will stand behind their player who has tested positive for cocaine‚ said club administrative officer Floyd Mbele on Thursday.

He said the player has disputed the positive finding and requested that a B sample be tested. A hearing has been set for August 31.

“We respect the process and we will await the outcome‚” Mbele said.

Asked if Pirates would stand by the player or wait for the process to be completed‚ Mbele replied: “Those things are not mutually exclusive. You can have both. You can stand by the player and still appreciate that they must go through a judicial process.”

The Bucs official said the player would have to provide his own legal representation.

Explaining the process surrounding the player testing positive‚ Mbele said: “The team on the day of an official match would go through the doping control officer‚ who selects random jersey numbers to be tested where the medical officers of the two teams are present.

“At the end of the match‚ the players come through to give samples‚ which are sealed and signed off by the medical official of the team and then sent off.

“Once tests are completed and they find what they are looking for‚ or not looking for‚ the league is advised. Because you must remember that Drug Free Sport deals with clubs on behalf of the league and Safa.

“The league then informs its member‚ the club‚ that there is a transgression and then you will take it up from there.

“You obviously have recourse for testing a B sample in the instance that there is a dispute‚ such as in this case. And once that’s taken place they will then officially write and charge the player. That again is brought through the club.

“Then the hearing tales place. We [Pirates] will wait for that to take place‚ and once there is an outcome we will see what the way forward is.”

Mbele said he could only speculate about why the player would contest the finding and request a B sample.

“From my own little experience with doping it may well be because the player does not feel that they committed the offence. It would be similar to going to court to prove your innocence‚” he said.

The official took a swipe at a media house that published the name of the player as midfielder Thandani Ntshumayelo.

“I think it was unfortunate and regrettable‚” Mbele said.

“I just hope that we learn from it that it doesn’t matter how excited or carried away we are with getting stories‚ we need to be circumspect on how we approach things. Obviously there are legal implications.”pirates