ANC candidate dies after winning elections

ANC candidate dies

ANC candidate dies The IEC will not be relishing the prospect of trying to organise a by-election in the troubled and violent town.

The Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) .  Said on Monday the violence-torn town of Vuwani would see a by-election within three months .  After the elected African National Congress (ANC) candidate in Ward 3 of the new Limpopo municipality died.

“We already have a by-election scheduled for the new municipality because of the ANC candidate who passed away . Unfortunate that the person passed on when the candidate nomination process was confirmed,” Provincial electoral official Nkaro Mateta said on Sunday evening.

This means that the IEC could be heading for another tough polling day in Vuwani . After residents tried to prevent voting there last Wednesday, blocking roads and locking officials out of voting stations.ANC candidate dies

ANC candidate dies

According to the Municipal Electoral Act .  When a councillor dies, a by-election must be held within 90 days to elect another.

Vuwani has been the scene of violent protests for months . Because residents oppose a decision to re-demarcate it from Makhado to Malamulele.

On election day , police and army reinforcements had to be brought in to the area to ensure voting took place.

“We hope that the people of Vuwani have learned lessons .  Because they have been committing electoral offences without noticing that they are committing electoral offences,” Mateta said.

Turnout was low in Vuwani and more than 40 000 ballots were spoiled as residents continued their protest over the demarcation issue.

ANC candidate dies

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Extended teaching time and extra days will be required to help pupils catch up on their studies, the education department said.

After months of disruptions to schooling in Vuwani, Limpopo, which led to pupils missing school for months, the department of basic education said on Friday it expected schooling to return to normal in the area within a week.

In May angry residents of the community vandalised and burnt more than 20 schools in protest over a decision by the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) to merge Vuwani with Malamulele and other surrounding villages.

The department’s spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said extended teaching time and days would be required to assist the pupils to catch up on their studies. On Thursday some pupils reportedly returned back to their classrooms after missing school for more than three months.

This week there were doubts that local government elections would take place in Vuwani, after a number of residents vowed not to allow Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials to operate in the area. Some residents nevertheless cast their votes on Wednesday, although many others from various villages decided to boycott the municipal polls.

Local community leader Nsovo Sambo told The Citizen that residents always knew government would come “crawling back”, especially leading up to the local government elections. He said that if many residents had voted, the ANC . Which had enjoyed support in Vuwani for several years, would have been “history” by now.

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