Kaizer Chiefs lose :I Can’t Wait To See Chiefs Lose

Kaizer Chiefs lose: Cape Town City is a brand new team – born out of fresh air. We know their coach and we know their players. But the big question is – where will their supporters come from? Instinctively one would think they had none, but you would be surprised.

Supporters Club did some digging and found the soon to be CTC faithful. Today we speak to one of the new supporters, Campbell Frost.

“I’m very excited for this season to start. I have been watching local soccer for some time now, not fanatically but I’ve followed it. I’ve always wanted a team to invest myself in, and I think now I have one.

Kaizer Chiefs lose

“I am a Cape Town boy but I have never supported Ajax Cape Town, I just feel they have never represented me, but something just feels right about this new team. I like their colors, their kit and their coach – Eric Tinkler, he was my old man’s favorite player so I like him.

“On top of that, I get the feeling that they will be a winning team. I see they have been buying foreigners, and even got that Majoro boy from Pirates, I remember he was very good at Chiefs back in the day. I’m excited to go watch their home games, I especially want to go to this first MTN8 game against Kaizer Chiefs, I’m excited to see all the games of course, but one of my friends is crazy about Chiefs and I can’t wait to see them lose twice in Cape Town. I have a good feeling about this team.” Campbell concluded.

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Kaizer Chiefs lose