Dr Irvin Khoza to sell Orlando Pirates or step down

Dr Khoza

Dr Irvin Khoza

If what you going to read is to be put into  consideration Dr Irvin Khoza is to sell Orlando Pirates or to step down from PSL.

‘The PSL Should Be Run By People Who Are Not Part Of Clubs’

Here in Supporters Club, we live off discussing various supporters’ opinions. These can range from anything big, small, or even slightly related to football. Today, we hear from a supporter who discusses the role of money in South African football.

Below is a letter written to Soccer Laduma that we did not have space to feature in our newspaper coming out on Wednesday. Our reader, from Durban, talks to us about how money could be used better, especially when it comes to development or the Ladies League.

Dr Irvin Khoza

“I feel the PSL should be run by people without clubs. Decisions are not objective enough because club owners also look after their own interests above those of the clubs in general. If we could have independent people so as to have a level ground, that would be good. I also call for a sponsored National Ladies League that would play curtain-raisers for our PSL matches, seeing that males have the MDC. These teams should alternate as curtain-raisers. Lastly, it is unfair that the National First Division grant is still below R500 000, while television rights money is divided among Committee Members that were part of negotiations and players get nothing.” – Zweli Zulu, Durban.

A very valid point is raised here, and one that has come up multiple times from professionals and supporters alike. It is a question that is yet to be answered by any of the powers that be – why are curtain-raisers not played in South Africa? And in terms of financial fair play, why is information regarding money in the league not available for all to scrutinise?

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Do you agree that the league should be run by people not affiliated with clubs?


Sono Whants to take away Orlando Pirates ownership from Khoza

Dr Irvin Khoza