Corrupt whites hands off our ‘economic liberator’ Zuma

Corrupt whites

Corrupt whites

The BLF says it doesn’t want to see any more ‘white agendas’ standing in the way of black liberation.

Leader of Black First Land First (BLF) Andile Mngxitama has come out in defence of President Jacob Zuma amid the latest groundswell of calls for his resignation.

Mngxitama says the call for Zuma’s resignation is actually an initiative by “corrupt whites” who continue to control the whole of South Africa’s economy.  The BLF leader argues that Zuma “understands the tactics used by white capitalists to control South Africa”. He says removing Zuma won’t serve the interests of black people, and that Zuma can bring economic liberation for South African black people.

He further makes claims that whites use their economic power to “buy” black politicians, and now they want to replace Zuma with a “puppet president”.

“President Zuma understands the tactics used by white capitalists to control South Africa and it is under his leadership that the distant dream of economic liberation could become a reality,” said the BLF in a statement.

“The white capitalists are not happy and now want to replace Zuma with a puppet president. We must not allow this [to be] a dead-end to economic liberation for the blacks.


“Black people’s interests have been overlooked in the past 22 years and the problem doesn’t rest with the government in power, but with those who are trying to exercise control over the government.

“The ANC has the political power and must use it to help blacks get a better life.

“We say no to regime change because it won’t serve black people. We believe that Jacob Zuma can get us the economic liberation we need. It’s time to serve black people. No more white agendas. Jacob Zuma must help us achieve economic liberation and black rights which have been ignored for so long.”

He was speaking after widespread calls for Zuma to resign. Last year, there was a Zuma Must Fall march that saw members of the public marching to the Union Buildings to submit a memorandum. This week, on Monday, a faction made up of ANC members marched to the party’s headquarters, Luthuli House, under the hashtag #OccupyLuthuliHouse. The protesters were met by the said “armed wing” of the ANC, barring them from occupying the historic building.

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Corrupt whites