Kelly Khumalo honours Senzo Meyiwa with a song

Kelly Khumalo honours Senzo

Kelly Khumalo honours Senzo Meyiwa with a song

 During a tell-all interview on Wednesday afternoon Kelly Khumalo poured her heart out about all aspects of her life including her whirlwind romance with slain Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa.

Kelly took the hot seat on Real Talk with Anele Mdoda during which she opened up about the drama that followed her romance with Senzo.

During the revealing interview Kelly told the nation that she has written a song called Senzo‚ in honour of the soccer star.

The track is part of her upcoming album called My Truth which releases at the end of September.

“I have a song called Senzo in this album. A song that will stay forever. It will always be in the Kelly Khumalo archives for years to come. And one day when my daughter listens to it she will know how I felt about her father‚” she said.

Kelly added that she thought about getting a tattoo of Senzo’s name on her body‚ but decided against it.

“You know I thought that would be disrespectful to the husband I marry one day‚” she said.

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The songstress also gave fans a glimpse into the love she and Senzo shared.

’’I’ve always been at peace where Senzo is concerned‚ how he felt about me. You can’t take that away from me. That is the beauty of it‚ that you can scream‚ you can accuse‚ you can call me names‚ but one thing that you can never take away from me is the fact that‚ that man loved me. Even in his grave.”

Kelly Khumalo honours Senzo