Jacob Zuma’s attack on Gwede Mantashe 3

Jacob Zuma’s attack on Gwede Mantashe

He says all he wanted was to be behind the scenes and help with ‘minor duties’.

President Jacob Zuma has reportedly said he never wanted to be a president but a mere “briefcase carrier” for leaders.

DispatchLIVE reports Zuma told delegates at the Amathole ANC regional conference held in Mpekweni Resort near Port Alfred on Sunday evening that all he ever wanted was to be behind the scenes and help leaders with “minor duties” such as carrying their briefcases.

“I did not want to be president because I knew all these difficulties [that come with the job] … I thought being in the background and assisting leaders by carrying their briefcases, their jackets and the like it would be just fine than to lead because to lead is a difficulty – because you are faced with decisions to take,” Zuma said.

Zuma’s comments were seen as a thinly veiled response to ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe, who told a crowd of SACP supporters in January he did not intend on being a “bag carrier” for long.

“We’re not runners of a certain candidate, but leaders of the movement,” Mantashe said. “We have a right to be candidates ourselves. We are not bag carriers of anyone.”

Zuma also said his job was more difficult for him because he had an understanding of the “global balance of forces” that were apparently preventing development in Africa.

He reportedly launched a scathing attack against the west during his address to delegates.

“If you have this knowledge, it becomes even more difficult because you can take decisions that you cannot explain to anyone – because if you explain – it could impact very negatively [on] the organisation itself,” Zuma said.

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3 thoughts on “Jacob Zuma’s attack on Gwede Mantashe

  • Cyril

    So he was not prepared to b a president and it means there was someone behind pushing their agenda and if its the case he must stepdown so we can reclaim our major metros and bringing back our members the reality is that all opposition parties they come from the ANC excluding the son of National party (DA)

  • Tsegaye Desta Amene

    Sounds an expression of true feeling .I may agre the nationals the president has put regarding intervention of invisible hands and conspiracy is substantial especially when it comes to the westerns having an agenda prioritizing national interest of their own at all times .They are always on stand by to pay what ever cost so as make sure that their national advantage is well maintained including puppet heads of states who are assembled to implement programmes and long ,medium and short range policy directives properly thought where net profit is calculated . Africa is suffering the most from the kind of relationship which is more of host- parasite style where one is benefited and the other is harmed than mutual cooperation for mutual benefit .It is convincing at most African leaders aware of the very detail agenda of the Westerns and tried to react accordingly to disqualify the formulation and ensure their own interest face a challenge that may damage an organization and country they are governing.It may even go far to the extent where their life can possibly be terminated in a mysterious way .This is why I see what has been told by the president on this regard is not baseless .It is rather an experimented theory . What I prefered to stay reserved from commenting is however,the true feeling and mind sentiment he had had in 2009 when nominated by the African National Congress /ANC to lead the nation .