Biggest mistake of Julius Malema 2

Biggest mistake of Julius Malema 

A middle-aged Afrikaans rugby fan has said he’s praying to God that his bullets fly straight.

A man named Piet van Zyl has steadily been gathering views on YouTube after posting a video message aimed directly at EFF leader Julius Malema.

He describes himself as an avid rugby and Springbok supporter. It has since emerged that he is the same man who attacked a referee in Durban during a test match in 2002.

He says in Afrikaans in the video: “Julius! You call us Afrikaner boys. I am a Boerseun (Afrikaner boy). I’m proud to be a Boerseun.

“I’m not a farmer, I don’t have a farm.

“Those little guys who put you on a rock when you were talking about us when you were addressing people there in the Free State in khaki clothing … those are Afrikaner boys, you need to be careful of them. Let me give you some good advice.

“They are going to make you kak that you have never eaten in your life. The Orange Free State was always the [Boere republic] Orange Free State and it will always remain the Orange Free State. There wasn’t a black person in sight when the first Voortrekker wagons moved through there. The Zulus lived in Ulundi in north Natal and the Xhosas on the Fish River border and you and your ancestors were apparently in the mountains. I understand that you looked under rocks to eat scorpions.

“You say we should go and pray to our ancestors. I don’t pray to my ancestors, I have a God, a living God, and I pray to my God.

“Before the big fight begins, I am just going to pray that my bullets fly straight, Julius.

“You say we should be scared of you; we are not scared of you. That’s the biggest mistake you and your hangers-on can make: to think we are scared of you.

“The fact that you will murder and mutilate old people on farms – people of 60 and 70 – doesn’t make you tough guys, it makes you a fucking bunch of fools. I’m saying this to you now in your face: you’re a fool, the biggest one I’ve seen in my life.”

He said he challenged Malema to “bring it on”, anywhere, anytime.

“You are just a fucking fuckhead. Bye.”

Van Zyl was reacting to a speech Malema gave  when he called for land occupations in Bloemfontein.

“Occupy it, it belongs to you, it is your land, it is the land of your forefathers … I’m asking politely for the land to be returned, but if they don’t return it, I cannot guarantee what will happen next,” Malema said.

Speaking outside the Bloemfontein Regional Court, the EFF leader said the call to take the land back had come from ANC leaders such as Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and others like them via the Freedom Charter.

“It’s them who said you must occupy the land,” Malema said to loud cheers.

Malema also warned white males, more especially what he called “Afrikaner boys” that things would change for them in the future, and that they would be facing problems.

“Did Jesus Christ die for us to suffer like this?” asked Malema, who added that he didn’t hate white people and didn’t want to kill them.

The party leader took a swipe at civil rights organisation AfriForum, which brought the case against him, calling it “a group of Afrikaners” who still wished South Africa was under apartheid.

He further warned Afrikaner males that when the EFF comes to power, “die poppe sal dans”, an idiom that can loosely be translated as “trouble is coming”.

He called on them to pray to their “ancestors”, former SA prime ministers Hendrik Verwoerd and DF Malan, that the EFF wouldn’t take power.

“I don’t have anything against white people, but I have a problem because black people are suffering in this country. Why us? Are we a cursed nation? Did Jesus Christ die for us to suffer like this? What have we done to deserve such treatment in our own country? Why can’t you find waiters and waitresses that are white? Why aren’t we finding farm workers that are white? Why aren’t we finding security officers that are white? Why aren’t we finding the domestic workers that are white? What have we done? … Why is it only us … who are working … who are providing a cheap labour?

“We are not talking violence. We are not promoting violence. But I cannot guarantee the future. I am not a prophet. I’m talking now. We are not carrying any weapons. I will never kill white people. Why should I kill them? I will never [take] revenge for what they did. I’m asking politely for the land to be returned. And if they don’t return it, I cannot guarantee what will happen next.

“I love my blackness, that’s why I speak for blackness. And I’m not afraid to speak up for blackness. Because that’s who I am. I am not fighting against white people, but I’m not fighting for them.

“AfriForum is a boeremag. It’s a group of Afrikaners who still wish for apartheid. They will never see it. Afrikaner boys! Die poppe sal dans. The EFF is coming for you boys. Afrikaner boys! The ANC has made you to feel that this thing [province] is still the Orange Free State. This thing is not the Orange Free State. When we take over power, Afrikaner males, you will know your place.

“Just pray to your ancestors. Pray to Malan. Pray to Verwoerd. Pray and ask them for the EFF not to come to power. Because [when] we come into power: ‘Afrikaner male … this side!’ This is where you belong. They must know. These Afrikaner males must know [that] we are not scared of them … ideologically, politically, and otherwise! We can take each other toe to toe.

“We are not scared of Afrikaners. This is not your land. You must know your place. You are visitors here. And the long stay of visitors depends on the conduct.”

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