Zuma says he will listen to the masses

Zuma says he will listen to the masses

DURBAN – President Jacob Zuma says his detractors want him to step down because he tells the truth.

He was addressing an Easter service at a church in KwaZulu-Natal.

And despite insisting he didn’t want to talk politics, Zuma spent much of his time discussing the current state of the country.

Even though the president arrived at the venue six hours after the scheduled time, the congregation’s excitement was clear.


President Zuma started his address with a religious tone, but quickly moved to the politics of the day.

“You have seen the types of people that were in those marches, those that have never marched before. That is revealing to us. What are they fighting for?”

He accused those protesting for his removal of defending the interests of the minority.

Zuma told congregants it’s time for black South Africans to control and enjoy the economy.

“There are those who say if you’re doing that, it’s like you’re committing a crime. Now you are a black person and you want to make other people wiser in the position where you are supposed to look at the land, the country and its people.”

Furthermore, Zuma reiterated his call for all South Africans to pray for politicians to ensure they use their powers appropriately.

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