Kaizer Motaung Jnr gets interim protection order against ‘abusive’ wife

Kaizer Motaung Jnr gets interim protection order against ‘abusive’ wife

Kaizer Motaung Jnr has obtained an interim protection order against his wife Kathrine Motaung after she allegedly violently pulled him by the collar of his shirt, poked him in the face and aggressively rubbed her breasts against his chest.

The retired footie also alleged his wife, a German national, insults him in German by calling him an “a**hole”, “idiot”, ” joke”, “lying a**hole”, “s**t man”, “dirty s**t” and “d**k head.”

Motaung, who might take over the reigns as the Chiefs supremo when his father retires, also alleged his wife henpecked him in front of his domestic worker and read him curtain lecture when he watches soccer matches in his bedroom.

The 35-year-old former Chiefs and German club 1860 Munich striker also told the court that his wife also abused his mother, Juleka, the wife of Chiefs boss Kaizer Motaung Snr.

Motaung also filed a lawsuit against his wife at the South Gauteng High Court on Thursday after she allegedly lied that he assaulted her.

He also said his wife flew his mother-in-law Erica from Germany to live with them in their rented Joburg home against his will.

The young Motaung said Erica was persona non grata at his house because among other things, she filmed him while watching TV in the main bedroom of their Sandton home without his permission.

Motaung also said his marriage to his wife has broken down irretrievably and that he wanted to file for divorce.

Kaizer Motaung

His wife, a graphic artist and show jumping instructor, had been ordered to appear at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on May 25 to explain why the interim order should not be made permanent.

In the order, which one of Motaung’s family member showed to Sunday World, he detailed how the alleged abuse started and affected his marriage.

He said his wife also allegedly abused him in February this year.

“I was in the bedroom getting dressed in the morning. The respondent pulled me by my left collar so my shirt was tight around my neck … In so physically pulling me, she pulled me backwards so strongly that her chest bumped very hard onto my back. I said to the respondent she must never touch me like that again.

“She then picked up her phone and apparently called her father, screamed and walked out of the kitchen door into the outside yard of the kitchen. I then locked her outside the kitchen to stop her assaulting me further …,” he wrote in the papers.

Motaung said his wife regularly and continuously subjected him to a barrage of verbal epithets in the presence of their helper Yvonne Vundla.

“Some of the words frequently used by the respondent describe me: arshcloch (a**hole), dep (idiot), witzfiguuur (joke), arschlock lugrer (lying a**hole), schedizkerl (s**t man), scheiz drech and (dirty s**t),” he said.

He also alleged that incidents of abuse against him by his wife got worse when his wife invited her mother without his permission.

“Since the arrival of the respondent’s mother, the respondent’s conduct towards me has become worse and more aggressive, and indeed her mother has herself become involved in active abusive behaviour towards me.

“I had certainly not invited her into the home and didn’t want her there,” he said.

He said he had also planned to obtain a protection order against his mamazala because she was invading his privacy by filming him against his will.

“The respondent’s mother films me in the home with the respondent’s cellphone and invades my privacy. If she continues to do so, I will be forced to seek a protection order against the respondent’s mother in due course,” he said.

Motaung told the law house that he was struggling to enjoy his TV matches anymore because his wife was constantly interfering and changing channels to spite him.

This, he said, was disadvantaging him as he watches the matches to help him with his administration work at the family club.

“I missed most of the match because of the respondent’s conduct. She walked into where I was watching the match and provocatively switched channels from the match onto another channel deliberately to interrupt my soccer viewing. This was clear provocation and designed to upset me. I immediately said to her ‘don’t be disruptive, I’m watching TV, leave me alone’,” he said.

He said she continued: “She stuck her cellphone camera in my face a few inches away and it seemed to me that she was deliberately trying to block my view of the match. I went to the bathroom to get away from her and she followed me, and she later laid a false charge of common assault against me which I will defend.”

According to the papers Motaung’s alleged abuse was an everyday experience for him and his wife had at some point stuck her breasts in his face.

“The respondent screams at me on almost a daily basis… When I ignore her she becomes furious with me and flies into rages and will walk up to me, sticks her chest and breasts in my face and puts her face close to my face screaming at me. She seems as though she has a serious mental problem to me when she flies into her rage,” he revealed.

He said that some of the incidents were witnessed by their helper and he appealed to the court that she too should be subpoenaed to testify.

“The respondent also tries to intimidate me by threatening me via my sisters that she will go to the media about me,” he said.

The couple declined to comment.

Source : sundayworld

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