Malema: If you don’t know how to propose, don’t blame Nigerians

Malema: If you don’t know how to propose, don’t blame Nigerians

The EFF leader has called SA men ‘trash’, saying they blame ‘foreigners’ for their romantic failures with women.

The Economic Freedom Fighters is celebrating Africa Day in Joubert Park in Johannesburg. Taking to the stage, leader Julius Malema criticised those who do not celebrate Africa Day, saying they behaved as if the day had nothing to do with them.

“It’s our day as Africans,” he said, calling for Africans to unite.

Malema said Africans would never achieve anything if they failed to unite, something the “colonisers” managed to do, hence they “conquered”.

Xenophobia must come to an end, he said, telling the crowd that true Africans should exercise ubuntu and embrace people from other countries. South Africans must stop attacking people from other African countries over an excuse that they were taking their jobs.

No African brother was taking anyone’s job, he said.

South African men also need to stop blaming Nigerians for “taking” their women, when they were only lacking in the skill of proposing to the woman they loved.

“If you don’t know how to propose, don’t blame Nigerians.”

In fact, no woman was up for the taking “as if they are objects on shelves waiting to be picked up”, he said.

Malema further defended the ‘#MenAreTrash’ movement, saying South African men were indeed “trash”. He said the movement was not aimed at those men who were doing the right thing, but was about those men who had been misrepresenting all men in South Africa.

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“If we don’t want to be called that, let’s change our behaviour, then a hashtag #SAMenAreLovers will start trending.

“If you take two minutes in the bedroom, they blame us all. They say South African men are the same,” he joked.

He urged men to love other women as much as they loved their mothers.

“If you love your mother, you will love the next woman.”


Source : citizen