Malema will ‘expose’ 60 ANC MPs if they vote against Zuma 2

The EFF leader has told a supporter his warning is, however, completely misguided and baseless.

EFF leader Julius Malema recently revealed in an interview that more than 60 ANC MPs will back a no-confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma if the ballot is secret.

“I personally spoke to more than 60 MPs of the ANC who have committed that if we give them a secret ballot they will deliver.

“They’ve asked that this thing must be secret. They are not happy themselves,” Malema told Reuters on Friday.

Taking Zuma out will require at least 50 of the 249 ANC MPs to support the no-confidence motion. The meeting is scheduled for August 8.

However, one of the EFF leader’s followers on social media said the 60 ANC MPs who were approached should keep in mind that Malema was in the business of revealing secrets to the public, and the MPs would be no exception.

“The ANC 60 MPs who JuJu claim to have spoken to must keep this in mind – he’ll expose you all after the voting session,” wrote the follower.

Malema responded to the follower and stated what he thought was an obvious case to everyone. Even if the EFF leader exposed them, he would have no evidence against them as their vote would have been secret. Besides, there are 249 ANC MPs, and the 60 could be any one of them, even if they were not approached.

Earlier this year, Malema pleaded with ANC MPs to put the country first and take the president out. He said he only wanted them to do the right thing, and if they could not vote against Zuma, abstaining was also an option.

“Some ANC MPs voted against abortion because of religious conscience. This means they can vote out Zuma.”

But Malema said even though the majority of ANC members did not agree with Zuma, they feared speaking out because “he will expose their skeletons”.

Source : citizen

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