Julius Malema is not dead


The EFF wants to regulate the internet to get rid of fake news. Good luck with that.

The EFF has dismissed reports that its leader was involved in a car accident.

A fake news website on Sunday reported that the EFF leader was involved in a fatal crash after his car collided with a truck.

The EFF said that although it would not usually dignify fake news news with a press release, it felt the need to address the rumours publicly after inquiries from Malema’s family and friends.

“We would like to guarantee the entire public that these [sic] were malicious and incentive fake news.”

The party says the fake news may be the work of the “enemy”, who is testing the waters to see how South Africans would react to the news.

“If the enemy plans to take the life of the CIC through an accident, they may be releasing fake news to test if this would cause instability or not; rest assured that if this is the case, we are not fooled.”

The party has called for the regulation of the media in order to do away with fake news in the country.

“We must indeed find a way to impose sanctions on those who take to our internet to report fake news.”

Earlier this year, a fake news website reported that Malema and his wife and son died in an accident in Sandton after clipping the rear of a tipper truck.

According to reports, sources in the EFF believe such reports are created to “destabilise” their party.


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