Malema calls for Israel boycott

EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema told hundreds of his supporters during a march in Pretoria yesterday that Israel must free Palestinians. 

EFF leader Julius Malema has sparked a row with Israel after he called on South Africans not to visit the Middle Eastern country.

Malema also called on the business community, universities and academics to cut ties with Israel.

Addressing EFF members during the pro-Palestine march next to the Israeli embassy in Pretoria yesterday, Malema said: “We are saying to all South Africans, do not visit Israel until the land is returned back into the hands of the rightful owners.

“We are not friends with people who derive pleasure out of pain of other people. The people of Palestine, they get jailed without trial by apartheid Israel.”

The boycott would force Israel to enter into genuine negotiations with Palestinian authorities, Malema said. “We want the Palestinian and Jewish communities to live under [a] democratic country. We are living with Afrikaners. It does not matter how much we hate them. We have to live with them because they have been naturalised here.”

Source: Sundaytimes

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