‘Yena aya kwini’ man from Giyani causes a frenzy on social media

Meet the man behind the trend.

The Tsonga phrase, ‘yena aya kwini’, translates to ‘where was she or he going?’ and it has been trending for the past few weeks, Mpumalanga News reports.

Thanks to the person behind the trend, Buti ‘July’ Majulle, for giving the internet some life. He first appeared in a video posted on Facebook in which he accuses a family member of spreading gossip about him in Giyani, Limpopo.

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Although he was aware he was being filmed, he had no idea his life was about to change for the better following the video, which has since gone viral.

July has become an overnight sensation, scoring himself gigs both as a singer and an onstage entertainer.

Watch the videos below:


Of course social media didn’t  let the trend slide, and they jumped in with hilarious memes.

When the pastor says “ Jesus Christ was Crucified for your sins “ and you’re tempted to shout YENA AYA KWINI” ….



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