Teko Modise reveals shocking secrets in tell-all book


Teko Modise is set to release his tell-all book detailing some of the most dramatic moments in his life.

he footballer holds nothing back in his new memoir, The Curse of Teko Modise, which will officially be released on November 28.

According to Times Live, Teko talks about how he met his now ex-wife Felicia Modise in the book, and how their marriage fell apart.

The former couple met at a braai, and admits it was not love at first sight.

Despite there not being an initial spark between the two, Teko says they enjoyed each other’s company.

But one year later their casual relationship was hit with a shocking development – Felicia was pregnant.

Teko admits being angry at himself for being irresponsible, and was disappointed that he had made a woman he hardly knew pregnant.

While he hadn’t planned for Felicia to be the mother of his children, Teko writes that he knew he had to do what was right.

Abortion, he says, was not an option.

“I knew at the time that, irrespective of who the woman was, I was never going to suggest or try to persuade someone else to get an abortion,” TimesLIVE quoted an extract from the book.

Teko added that he was frightened at the time, and made a lot of decisions out of his fear.

“Everytime I did something, I was scared about how the public would receive me. I would end up choosing what I thought would look right rather than what I wanted to do,” he wrote.

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The soon-to-be parents walked down the aisle while Felicia was heavily pregnant.

The ceremony was not a big affair, and there was no formal venue, no flower girls, no speeches, and no-one to walk Felicia down the aisle.

“It was not the happiest day of their lives,” the book reads.

Their marriage would soon fall apart, with Teko admitting that it was not built on a strong foundation.

“I was still having difficulties with Orlando Pirates. The papers were after my neck. I was okay with being at war when I left home, I expected it, but when you get home as a married person, you look for peace. When you are not even at peace in your own house, then you need to make changes.”

The memoir, which was written by Nikolaos Kirkinis, also looks at Teko’s love for soccer, as well as the ups and downs of his career.

Source: citizen

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