Chiefs Fans Die For The Love Of The Team – Reader’s Voice

Chiefs Fans Die For The Love Of The Team – Reader’s Voice

The chairman of Kaizer Chiefs knows that the fans love his team too much, even under constant abuse by Bobby and Komphela they will never abandon his team.

This poor performance emanates from the first year of Komphela’s tenure and it has always been support, support, support. It is for the love of the team that the fans die for. The chairman knows that the team will always attract thousands of fans and at least 3000 fans from the opposition. It has always been about money and business as usual. The supporters buy the attire, tickets, policies and Toyota cars for the love of the team but nothing is being given back.

Steve is highly intelligent and knows how to manage situations, whenever the opportunity arises to dismiss concerns. Chiefs will play this attractive, purposeful football and win convincingly, to the extent where the camera catches the Motaungs screaming joyfully and then that tells us that Steve’s job is safe. There again Steve starts with his Manchester United system of 5-4-1 and then loses again and again.

By the look of things, the chairman promised Steve quality players and failed to deliver, and this has made the work of Steve very easy because the agreement was that you (chairman) give me (Steve) quality players and the trophy will follow, which is why Steve cannot resign or be dismissed. That will be the breach of contract and they will have to buy him out.

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It is clear that Steve will finish his contract and continue with his tendencies of harassing Chiefs fans. This is done with the approval of the chairman, board and management. 

*This article was written by a Soccer Laduma reader and reflects their opinion, not that of Soccer Laduma.

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