Back to the drawing board: ‘Lost’ gun which police thought was used to kill Tupac


  • Police found the gun in a backyard in Compton, California, in 1998 and sent it for testing
  • In 2006, the Las Vegas police ruled it out of the rapper’s death and sent it to ATF
  • They found it was the gun used in another shooting but did not kill Tupac Shakur
  • In 2013, the ATF destroyed the weapon as part of a routine clear-out of evidence
  • It means that the weapon used to kill Shakur has never been found, nor has his killer  


The ‘lost’ gun police thought was used to kill Tupac Shakur was never involved in his shooting and was destroyed in 2013 after being ruled out, it has been revealed.

The rapper was shot in Las Vegas in a drive-by shooting in 1996 which has left law enforcement agencies and music fans baffled for decades.

His killer has never been found.

Earlier this month, there was renewed hope and excitement when it was reported police had in fact managed to track down the weapon that was used to kill him.

TMZ reported that the handgun, a .40 caliber Glock,  was found in Compton, California, in a backyard in 1998.

Police in Los Angeles performed testing which proved it could have been a match for the weapon in the Tupac case, and transferred it to Las Vegas for additional tests.

It was thought that the weapon was then lost but, on Saturday, it was revealed it was in fact destroyed in Las Vegas because cops there ruled it out.

The weapon was not a match for the one in Tupac’s case but was found to have been what was used in a separate unsolved case.