Find water solution for the whole of SA, not just ‘Cape’s whites’

The water issue is a national phenomenon and not just a Cape Town matter, he said.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the water crisis in Cape Town should be treated in the same way as areas where there has been water scarcity for years.

The water issue is a national phenomenon and not just a Cape Town matter, he said.

The fiery leader cited the water scarcity in Giyani and Blouberg areas in Limpopo.

“It must not be that because there’s white people in Cape Town we must hear a lot of noise … and since Cape Town is going to have a Day Zero they will feel what Giyani people have been feeling.

So, let the water problem be resolved for the whole of SA and be resolved in Cape Town as well,” Malema said.

The country has a problem where everything that affected white people received unnecessary attention.

“And that’s why the EFF has never been excited about the Cape Town issue – never been, because our people drink water with animals in Bochum [Senwabarwana]. We have seen trucks taking water to Cape Town. We have never seen trucks taking water to Blouberg or Giyani,” he said.

He said the solution to the water crisis in the country must start in areas where there was historic lack of water, like Giyani, not Cape Town.

“Start in Giyani, let’s see if it’s real. Anyone with a solution of water, which is permanent, start in Giyani. Then the EFF will start lobbying – saying these are the people you must listen to,” said Malema.

“South Africa has a problem of water. Black people have been living without water for a very long time. They are still without water today. “They don’t know what is Day Zero because they’ve never had day one in their lives. So let the problem of Cape Town be solved in the same way that we demand that the problem of water be solved in the whole of South Africa. “And let the problem of water in Cape Town not be politicised, let there be a collective effort to resolve that problem, not a DA resolution,” Malema said.

Source: Citizen