Indian govt says Guptas are not its citizens


Gigaba has previously said Ajay Gupta refused to renounce his Indian citizenship.

The Indian government reportedly says the Gupta family are not Indian citizens, but South African citizens, SABC News reports.

This after Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and his director-general, Mkuseli Apleni, last week said Atul and Rajesh were both naturalised SA citizens, but not their elder brother, Ajay, who is a fugitive.

According to the department, Atul was naturalised in November 2002 and Rajesh in July 2006. Ajay only holds a permanent residency permit.

It is unclear whether the government also doesn’t consider Ajay a citizen, as that would potentially leave him without a country.


[breaking News] The Indian government says the Guptas are not Indian citizens, but SA citizens. The statement from New Delhi comes after SA’s Home Affairs Department said that Atul and Rajeesh Gupta were South African citizens, but not the third Gupta brother, Ajay



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