ZAHARA : You know the saying: “No good deed goes unpunished”?

Well, our girl Zahara is now very familiar with it.

The singer and songwriter found herself in a rather painful situation after she was only trying to do good and share her wealth with those less fortunate.

According to Zahara, she was trying to give some money to ‘job seekers’ while driving out of a Spar outlet in Johannesburg on Tuesday night when they reached out and grabbed her arm, stabbed her, and tried to open her car door with the intent to cause more bodily harm.

The Mgodi hit-maker shared the ordeal on Instagram in an effort to warn others from finding themselves in similar experiences.

“I always believe that when you have a loaf of bread, one could always be able to share just a little with someone else. If you have 1000 surely even a R5 would be worth something to someone,” she lamented.

She went on to say that it is disheartening to see how one’s goodness is repaid these days.

“It’s very sad that one’s humility and humanitarian beliefs are welcomed in this manner. Bu phelelephi Ubuntu (where has Ubuntu gone),” she questioned.

We wish her a steady recovery.

Source : Daily Sun