Trevor Noah’s grandma revealed his secretes


South African comedian Trevor Noah has shared a heart-warming video of his interview with his 91-year-old grandmother which he recorded for his show, The Daily Show.

Noah was in the country for the weekend Global Citizen concert, which marked 100 years since the birth of anti-apartheid icon and former President Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013.

Noah asked his grandmother about her experience under the apartheid system and how life was for him as a mixed-race child.

She describes Noah as “energetic and really naughty” as a child, and adds that she used to hit him with a slipper when he was being naughty.

“Those big bums, they know my slippers,” she says.

Watch the just over eight-minute video below:

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Trevor visits his Grandma Koko in Soweto, South Africa, to talk about his childhood, her life under apartheid, and what exactly he needs to do to get her to watch The Daily Show.

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