‘Most’ black men who marry white women ‘lack political consciousness’


Bok captain Siya Kolisi has been highly criticised for his Madiba comments, with many agreeing he needs a lesson on black consciousness.

South Africans have taken to social media to criticise Springbok captain Siya Kolisi’s comments that former president Nelson Mandela would not have agreed with the rugby race quotas.

Speaking to a Japanese news agency, Kolisi said: “I don’t think he [Mandela]  would have supported that [quotas], but I don’t know him.

“I would not want to be picked because of my skin colour because that surely would not be good for the team, and the guys around you would know.

“You should not put a number on stuff like that.

“If you want to talk about transformation, you have got to start there (grassroots level).

“Imagine if I had not gone to an English (high) school. I would not have eaten properly, I would not have grown properly.

“Maybe in the Currie Cup (domestic championship) you can try guys out and push people in and see how they do.

“But you cannot just (pick someone in the Springbok side because of his colour). In South Africa it is tough, because we want results and transformation.”

But South Africans were not impressed with the Springbok captain and took to social media to voice their anger.

“Black men who marry white, generally lack political consciousness,” said EFF defender Sentletse, to which EFF leader Julius Malema responded: “Most of them, agreed.”


Black men who marry white, generally lack political consciousness

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Julius Sello Malema


Most of them, agreed

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Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama said that although Kolisi meant well and was good at what he did,  he needed to be protected from “white ignorance”.

“I would like to have a beer with brother Siya Kolisi (captain of the Springboks). He knows a lot about Rugby and I know a great deal of Black Consciousness. I think we can help each other here. The country needs it. We need blacks properly aligned upstairs,” said the BLF leader.

Though former home affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete also criticised Kolisi’s comments, he said the Bok captain should not be shunned. All he needed was guidance, he said.

“Siya is fundamentally misinformed, Madiba approved. Again, the indictment of quotas is not on black talent but on white systematic racism.

“I think Siya Kolisi must remove himself from the quota debate … quickly.

“Affirmative action is not there because black people are less talented, it’s there because the system is set against them,” he said.


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