Passenger’s taxi terror!

CRAFTY robbers are now carrying speed point machines.

Everyday lives in south africa – TAXI PASSENGER ROBBERY

On Saturday, a woman from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, became a victim of this new way of stealing when she boarded a taxi to Joburg.

She said when she got into the plain white Totoya Quantum, she noticed there were seven men who had only left space in the back row.

She said she tried to get out of the taxi but was overpowered by the men and pinned down.


It was quite obvious that she was going to get robbed

The thugs searched her and found R1 000 she had hidden in a small plastic bag.

They took the money and demanded to know her bank pin number.She gave them the pin in fear and that’s when she saw they had a speed point machine.

After swiping her R1 000 daily limit, they went for her other card, which didn’t have any funds in it.

As if that was not enough, they demanded to know her Sassa card pin, from which they swiped R400.

She said she started fearing for her life.

She had a lot of thoughts.The woman wondered where they were taking her and if her family would ever find her body if they killed her.

After driving for a few kilometres, the woman said she heard one of the thugs suggest they rape and kill her and dump her body in the river. But another one then said they should let her go.

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She was dropped somewhere in Vosloorus and ordered not to look back. However, she had a look and saw that the taxi had no number plates.



The Vosloorus police report 

Vosloorus police spokesman Captain Piet Rossouw said he had never heard of a robbery like this before. He confirmed a case of robbery was opened at the Vosloorus cop shop.

Vosloorus Boksburg Taxi Association spokesman Abel Tsotetsi told Daily Sun they were not aware of the incident.



Warning about taxis without stickers

The taxi association had said that commuters should only get into taxis that have taxi association stickers. Every taxi on our route has a sticker.

He said his association would keep an eye out for taxis like the one described by the victim.

Joburg Vosloorus Taxi Association spokesman Jabulani Hlatshwayo said their vehicles had two red stickers near the licence disc. He warned commuters not to get into taxis without stickers.

Source :DailySun News