Ekstein Spills The Beans: Chiefs Development Players Are Crying

Pule Ekstein

Following his recent exit from Kaizer Chiefs, Hendrick ‘Pule’ Ekstein has made some shocking revelations on what he says are some of the things he experienced at the club.

In his interview in edition 1121 of Soccer Laduma, the 28-year-old Bekkersdal-born player raised concerns about what he says is different treatment towards players coming from the club’s development, compared to players who joined the club from other clubs, according to him.

“Players coming from the development are not allowed… according to Bobby, we were not allowed to go and talk to the chairman. We are (were) talking only to him. (Pauses) Grootman (big brother), I’m not saying any of this because I want to badmouth Chiefs. No! I love the club. At Chiefs, if you are from the club’s development, you will always be (seen as) a development player irrespective of how many years you have been there or if you are 30. It stays like that – development player!” said Ekstein.

The attacking midfielder went on to say that ‘all the development players are crying for the way we are treated’ at the club.

“I can tell you now, all the development players are crying for the way we are treated. I can’t go into more details. But I want to let you know that all the development players are crying and it’s about the same thing for all of them,” he said.

“All I’m trying to say is that all the development players cry about the same thing. It’s about money. They don’t want to raise your money (salary), but they can give (money to) players who never did anything for their previous clubs,” the midfield ace told Soccer Laduma.

Source: SL