Billiat Khama robbed on gunpoint
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Billiat Khama robbed on gunpoint . There is a saying which say that “if anything can go wrong everything can go wrong “. To be honest Billiat Khama has not started the year so well because a lot have been happening and only bad news . It all started with the baby mama drama just a couple of weeks ago and we are not even in the third month of the year then another event . We are happy because it is said he was not hurt because he obeyed the rules of the thugs .

Billiat Khama robbed on gunpoint

Billiat Khama robbed on gunpoint

The 29-year-old was “stripped of his neck chains” before being “body searched” as thugs claimed his cash “before proceeding to ransack his expensive Range Rover Lumia whereupon he voluntarily opened the glove compartment with even more cash, jewellery and some deodorants,” read a report from iHarare, who broke the story on Friday.

“From what I hear, it all happened very fast. The good thing is they didn’t harm him although they managed to get away with some valuables,” said one of his close acquaintances.

Khama Billiat stabbed by his baby mama

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