Kama Billiat Zimbabwe
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  1. Billiat Khama has reportedly been embroiled in a falling out with manager Ernst Middendorp but played most of the games , so this becomes very confusing. But if you are a person from out side you would say Billiat Khama and Ernst’ s relationship is a peculiar one, as they’ve won a lot of important games together but there have also been many bumps in the road.

All I remember is Ernest Middendorp was annoyed by the fact that his key player Khama Billiat had only just returned to the starting line-up after an injury and should have not gone to Zimbabwe . But if its true that they are fighting, this will really damage Kaizer Chiefs in many different ways.

Khama Billiat said “Just now I was greeting him, I don’t know where this is coming from
“Come on, I am working with the coach every day. This is my first time I am hearing about it, come on.”

There is an article on bbb

There are a lot of “coaches” out there who don’t have CLUE ONE about how to really coach! These individuals consistently do far more damage to young people than they do good. They tear down self-esteem rather than building it up. They create an extremely unsafe learning environment for their athletes. They use fear, humiliation and demeaning, disrespectful behaviors as “teaching” tools. They are emotionally and sometimes (indirectly) physically abusive. They directly and indirectly pressure athletes to continue to play when injured. They regularly kill the fun and passion that their athletes once had for the sport. These coaches have lost their way and strayed terribly far from the true mission of coaching. ” I am not saying that is what is happening at Kaizer Chiefs but if its happening , it might destroying the team .

Do you think Billiat Khama is fighting with Ernst Middendorp ?

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