South Africa’s white farmers being murdered & tortured off their land

Violent attacks against South Africa’s white farmers are on the rise, according to Paul Toohey, a reporter from Australia’s Daily Telegraph, who traveled to the country. Last month, South Africa’s parliament voted to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation. That followed South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pledge to return […]


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Zuma’s administration failed me: Mugabe   Recently updated !

Zimbabwe’s ousted president Robert Mugabe is of the view that the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and South Africa in particular let him down when the army forced him into retirement in November last year. Speaking to journalists for the first time since his removal in Harare on Thursday‚ Mugabe […]

Australia considers visas for white South African farmers   Recently updated !

South Africa has dismissed allegations its white farmers are “persecuted” after an Australian minister said they needed help from a “civilised” country. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said he was exploring giving South Africa’s white farmers access to fast-track visas on humanitarian grounds. The suggestion was made amid calls to […]

I defended Malema before he was expelled – Mbalula

The former police minister says the ANC’s call for Malema to return to the party shows the ANC only rejects the incorrigible. African National Congress elections head Fikile Mbalula says he defended EFF leader Julius Malema before he was expelled from the ANC in 2012 for bringing the party into […]

Indian govt says Guptas are not its citizens

Gigaba has previously said Ajay Gupta refused to renounce his Indian citizenship. The Indian government reportedly says the Gupta family are not Indian citizens, but South African citizens, SABC News reports. This after Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and his director-general, Mkuseli Apleni, last week said Atul and Rajesh were both naturalised […]


DA says yes to land reform, no to land grabs: Maimane

Land reform should be done ‘according to the constitution, so people – not the state – can use their land to create wealth for themselves.’ The DA will not allow land grabs as pursued by the EFF, and will oppose any attempt to change the constitution in order to allow […]

DA text message ‘makes Maimane look like a puppet leader’

n internal DA SMS on the voter registration week has rattled some in the party arguing that it undermines party leader Mmusi Maimane. The message, sent to DA public representatives, is co-signed by the chairman of the federal council, James Selfe, who detractors have often argued is the real leader. […]

Mbalula hints Malema, others may be part of government next year

Malema: In an interview, the ANC elections head revealed a government of national unity is not off the cards. In an interview with City Press published on Sunday, ANC elections head Fikile Mbalula said it was not out of the question that opposition parties may be invited to be part […]

Ramaphosa declares he’d love to have Malema, EFF back in the ANC

The ANC president made the surprising announcement on Sunday, despite him having been the one to finally expel Malema six years ago. ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has made it clear he wants EFF members to rejoin the ANC because the ANC is their true home. He was recorded speaking on […]



Julius Malema Attacked The Zulu King : He Is Scared Of No One

Julius Malema Attacked The Zulu King Malema says he is scared of no one and King Zwelithini has to stop his threats of violence over expropriation of Zulu land. No one has done it in such a forthright manner before, but yesterday Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema attacked […]