Watch Russia’s Very Own ‘F-16’ Wipe Out Some Enemy ‘Armor’

Aside from typical modernization improvements in updated avionics and increased ECM (electronic countermeasures) tools, the SMT introduces a new antenna array better suited for detecting ground targets. (This first appeared last month.) As with many of Russia’s most prolific aircraft, the MiG-29 has spawned numerous variants four decades of service. […]

Julius Malema was attacked : Malema exactly denying that his car was stoned and his bodyguards retaliated

Julius Malema was attacked: He was not exactly denying that his car was stoned and his bodyguards retaliated, only pointing to the overall ‘success’ of countrywide gatherings. EFF leader Julius Malema has responded to reports over the weekend that the party’s Gauteng conference became violent on Saturday night. On Monday […]

Julius Malema was attacked

Russia threatens to shoot down any US missiles fired at Syria

Russian ambassador to Lebanon says his country will respond if US and allies strike Syria, amid heightening tensions. Russia‘s ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin has said that his country would respond to any US missiles fired at neighbouring Syria by shooting them down and targeting their launch sites. In an interview with Hezbollah-owned al-Manar […]