US’ moves against Huawei will spur on new tech development in China   Recently updated !

Under pressure from the US government, Google suspended its product-sharing agreements and licenses with Chinese communications giant Huawei. But how badly will the move affect Huawei and what could it do to retaliate? The Trump administration last week banned US companies from selling to Huawei without a government license, significantly upping the […]

Huawei founder says US cannot ‘crush’ telecoms giant

Huawei founder says US cannot ‘crush’ telecoms giant In interview with BBC, Ren Zhengfei describes arrest of his daughter and Huawei executive as ‘politically motivated’. The founder of Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei has said the United Statescannot defeat his company’s global ambitions. “There is no way the US can crush […]

Ren Zhengfei

Top 10 best-selling smartphone brands in the world right now

New data from Counterpoint’s Market Monitor service, shows that global smartphone shipments declined 2% annually in Q2 2018, to 360 million units. Samsung led the smartphone market by volume with a market share of 20% in Q2 2018 even though it registered an annual decline of 11% due to weak […]


Nissan pick-up truck : Nissan has transformed a pick-up truck into a world class

Nissan pick-up truck : Nissan has transformed a pick-up truck into a world class mobile SPACE OBSERVATORY equipped with a telescope that can view distant galaxies, nebulae and supernovas Nissan has transformed a pick-up truck into a world class mobile space observatory. Nissan pick-up truck The Navara Dark Sky Concept […]

Hackers mine bitcoin & other cryptos using leaked spy tool from US govt – report

Bitcoin, monero and other popular cryptocurrencies are being mined by fraudsters who use EternalBlue, the US National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tool that was leaked last year, according to a recent report. The report, published by the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), says detected cases of illicit cryptocurrency mining have skyrocketed to […]


Nkosana Makate

Nkosana Makate : Vodacom Please Call Me inventor

The Vodacom Please Call Me legal battle in which the self-proclaimed inventor Nkosana Makate will receive compensation from the cellular giant is getting messy. According to an article in the Rapport, many financiers of his legal battle with Vodacom now want their share of the money which he will receive. The […]

WhatsApp to delete your data

If you don’t like to follow news about your favorite chat app – WhatsApp – then you will find yourself in a shock in a few weeks from now. But don’t worry, you still have a lot of time left for course correction. Before November 12, WhatsApp users will have […]


MTN officially launches new WhatsApp data bundles

MTN has officially launched its new social bundles. The data bundles are available for WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and can be purchased in different sizes and validity periods. “The bundles give new and existing customers affordable access to some of their favourite social media platforms,” said MTN. Customers can use […]