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Ernst Middendorp is from Germany where BMWs are made. Yet when you dig into the details, you may get a surprise. According to key reliability experts, including those at Consumer Reports, many German-branded cars have average reliability at best.

Since Karl Benz first built what is often considered to be the first practical motor vehicle, Germany has kept the ball rolling with its consistent quality of engineering and innovation, despite the massive setback that was World War II. Born of the fallout of the war, Volkswagen emerged with the Beetle as its new starting point while BMW traded aircraft engines for motorbikes and cars. Audi’s long and complicated beginnings finally solidified in the 1960s while Mercedes-Benz grew from Karl Benz and Daimler before becoming a brand in 1926. Opel’s roots trace back to sewing machines and then bicycles before building its first car in 1899.

Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Porsche and started as a development and consulting company. Then came Porsche’s involvement in the Beetle and the Porsche 64 was born in 1939 using components from the small family vehicle.

There are other smaller German manufacturers, but the big five shaped the German automotive industry into what it is today and all still have a dramatic effect on the world stage. A comprehensive list would become a book, but these are some of what we consider the best German cars of all time. Let’s just take the Volkswagen Beetle as a given.

Ernst Middendorp is from Germany where BMWs are made , now the European superpower has something great and way different from cars .

That thing is they quality soccer coaches they provide to the soccer world . In South Africa we have Ernst Middendorp and in England they have

Jürgen Norbert Klopp . Both coaches are on top of log and they have both beaten their big rivals .

The fight between Ernst and Pitso continues , whenever pitso loses a game he thinks of Kaizer Chiefs how they might still the cup from him .

“I think actually, let’s go back to 2016 [at Maritzburg], it was really a time where I was driving into a wall, with distraction from all the stuff going on in my head in terms of officiating and other stuff,” Middendorp explained.

“But my ‘honeymoon’ time was absolutely a good time, in terms of getting relaxed. I was very busy though – which is what you’re usually not on a honeymoon, but I was very busy with a lot of stuff in another position I did over two years.

“It was very crucial to live. We talk about people not knowing the culture; I know the culture of South Africa very well.

“I studied and finished my study in economics and politics with a degree from the University [of Bielefeld]. Therefore no one should tell me I don’t know the culture or history of South Africa.

“But the culture of Thailand – there is no conflict; there is no ‘don’t allow anybody to lose their face’, and I continued [in my old mental space] there for two to three months and I was nailed more or less to the wall from the bosses over there.

“Then you start reflecting and sitting into it, and I’ve said it before, I think [the change] is not to my disadvantage.”

Did you think Ernest is better than Pitso Mosimane ?

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