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Hendrick Ekstein is not looking for any local club. Hendrick Ekstein is very clear , he knows what he wants and he has a well defined goal no confusion in his mind . He was playing for Kaizer Chiefs locally so he knows the culture and the payments and he also tested the European environment . His dream is not to get a team in South Africa but to get a team overseas .

“Now that I’m done with the things that I came here for, I can now focus on myself and where I am going next,” said the midfielder.

“To where I’m going, I won’t reveal that for now because my agent is working on it. But it won’t be a local club, I’m going overseas again.”

“I’m not looking for a club locally, I’m going back abroad. There are offers in the country, but to be honest, I’m not looking to come back.”

Do you think Pule should stay home since there are offers already ? .

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