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how much did the springboks earn for the world cup ? Rugby World Cup 2019 prize money and bonuses: how much will South African and the players earn from the final?

How does the bonus system work?

The respective associations, in this case the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and South African Rugby Union (SARU), determine the bonuses provided to players on account of their performances at the tournament.

The actual prize money for winning the World Cup from World Rugby is only R6153001,62, around R189323,13 per player.

It is understood that each player receives two free tickets from World Rugby but can then also purchase up to eight tickets at a face value price of R15145,85 each for the premium seats, costing each player R121166,8 – a total of R3877337,63 if all 32 players take up their full allocation.

Do you think this money is too much for them ?

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