How to activate 5g huawei cpe router n5368x from rain 2020
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How to activate 5g huawei cpe router n5368x from rain 2020 . In this video you will learn how to activate 5G from rain using the website . Also we explained what can cause your 5G not to be working . We also did a speed test in the video .

How to activate 5g HuaweilCPE Router

Reasons why Rain 5G is not working

Sim card is not activated . Sometimes the sim card will say active but it is not activated and to make sure that it is active , if you have a 5G phone then put it in the phone to check but if its is not active it will activate itself automatically in the phone . And also if you are using a 4G sim card from rain you might follow the same steps . Remember a 5G sim card does not work in 4G device but a 4G sim will work in a 5G device so don’t get confused when you are trying out different devices to activate your sim card .

You are owing them . For instance you might apply for a 5G yet you have an existing 4G deal which might be owing and they are both under your profile . Pay the bill them your 5G will be activated .

Poor 5G signal . It might happen that where your 5G router is positioned there is no coverage . So please try to put it outside or on top of the roof there you might stand a big chance to get the coverage .

Wrong cable connection . Many people find it very difficult to connect devices but most devices come with guidelines on how to connect the device . Please read that small book and make sure you have connected everything so well .

5G sim card is not inserted . Please check if you did not forget to insert a sim card . It goes at the bottom of the router and it uses a nano sim . If it is inserted don’t worry because it was only designed to be inserted in the right way , it cant go in if you don’t insert it in properly .

Call rain . 10 out of 10 people we helped on activating their sim they had to call rain first to check on the system if the person who wants to activate the card is the rightful owner . Please call them or send them an email it could help .

Rain won the hearts of people in South Africa

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