How to turn on Facebook dark mode 2020How to turn on Facebook dark mode 2020
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How to turn on Facebook dark mode 2020

The video below shows how to turn on dark mode.

How to turn on Facebook dark mode. This is something which we have to take serious because dark mode is very important if it comes to health.

How Can I Protect My Eyes from Bright Lights? Start using dark mode on each and every screen you are using because this might take tame to affect you but time will come and you see that things are not like before.

Are Bright Lights Damaging to the Eye? Yes of course I guess you know what they call solar retinopathy if you don’t know please do some research about it then you will understand. I can’t explain it here because it is beyond the scope .

You must take this issue very serious because researchers discovered that bright light does cause permanent retinal damage. The word permanent must be remembered in your day to day activities if you get exposed to light because it is something which can end your future especially if you work with computers.

Turn to dark mode it is very easy but then it depends on which version of Facebook you are using and also which device you are using . In the video we demonstrated using a laptop but it should be similar also on the phone

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