If we lose Sunday Gavin Hunt uyahamba guys
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If we lose Sunday Gavin Hunt uyahamba guys. Akaizer Chiefs fan Willîë Lweistarr posted “If we loose Sunday Gavin Hunt uyahamba guys” in a group called Kaizer Chiefs news and fans. Here is his profile click here.

One fan said that Ernst Middendorp was winning with the same team so what changed ? So some people know feel like Ernst was better forgetting that Gavin Hunt never signed any player. The problem might still continue because it needs time for Gavin to understand players and players to understand him.

So fans mus understand that part because you can not build a winning team overnight.

Many people did no support his idea

Below are the replies and his post go more than 108 comments

Lefophana PatrickDon’t blame Hunt guys… How you build a house with out material 👀.. don’t blame him

Nkocyetu NdiazaI feel like that too Hunt will start to doubt himself if he cn loose

Kenneth KgamanyaneGavin hunt is not doing line up alone o na le di assistants which is Shepard n Ather Zwane they are the ones makes line up n hunt is adding from that starting line up n hunt is getting the instructions from the management that’s how football it is..football is not easy as talk ,football it’s hell of work guys

Timothy Sintu Check your spelling before Gavin Hunt goes

Glen MajoziHe’s not Goin anywhere ND we already lost that game last weekend

Khanyi Khanyi KhanyiWe wont beat pirates,gavin hunt is our coach nd hes not going anywhere.we ar struggling to beat ts galaxy then ur expecting chiefs to beat pirates with that poor defence??:D

Lalelani ZunguYou are going not the coach😁

Junior Khanye throws heavy punches at Gavin Hunt

What do you think about the coach’s performance ?

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