Isibaya 06 April 2020
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Isibaya 06 April 2020 : Vava finds out about Nombulelo : After Vava finds out about Nombulelo she was chasing Dam Dam out of the house she said she can’t stay with a man who does not love her . She asked what is that the lady has she does not have , Dam answered by telling her that Vava has everything . But by luck he managed to control the situation and told her about everything .

Vava told also Nombulelo to leave her house but things turned into something she did not expect , she thought she was going to just say go and Nombulelo leaves but she was surprised when Nombulelo threatened to go to the police and CCMA plus she said if she tells the police about the dirt business of drugs Dam Dam is pushing things will be worse .

Vava ended up accepting the defeat and she had nothing to do but to become a little bit soft to avoid danger .

Isibaya 06 April 2020

Isibaya 06 April 2020

Skhaleni and Pam

skhaleni and his wife pam they managed to get some money from the fraud star , the couple with the help of other taxi drivers they forced the fraud start with the old lady to go to the taxi rank where the old lady took out some of the money which was in her bra . Before that she insisted that the money was used by paying other people they owed which turned to be not true when Pam changed her colors .

But it was not that easy Pam had to play gang-star by threatening the old lady to kill her until when she agreed to take out the money . Pam asked a gun from other taxi drivers then the old lady got scared and released R25000 cash .

They also sold one load of bricks and that operation was executed by his best friend Ntandane then they got another extra R20000 all in all the money summed up to R45000.

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Isibaya is a South-African drama series which started production in 2014. It is produced by Eva Franzen

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