Isibaya 08 April 2020 : Melusi gets into trouble
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Isibaya 08 April 2020 : Melusi gets into trouble. Melusi’s tricks were exposed after his mama caught him red handed with the girl in the house . He was not even given a chance to explain , the only thing he was allowed to do is to escort the girl.

At the time Melusi went to bring the juice, is when he met his mother and in just few seconds the girl joined them without knowing that the mother was there .

“Melusi , is the juice coming or your are still going to buy it ” the girl asked

Melusi offered to explain but it was too late . “What are you going to explain Melusi ? You want to fool me ? Do you think I was born yesterday ? Do you think I can’t see what is going on ? who is she ?I don’t even care .”

Phumelele questioned Melusi .

“Are you wearing Melusi’s t-shirt? That’s Melusi’s . Go get dressed . But what ? ” Phumelele shouted the girl .

“But , Ma.. “the girl tried to defend herself

“Are you back-chatting ?” Phumele asked her .

“Yoh” the girl said .

“Melusi are you making me a fool ? You stayed in because you are sick but it was only to get up to no good .Nonsense Melusi .Go get dressed Meluse. Go “

Isibaya 08 April 2020 : Melusi gets into trouble

Saddam and Vava gets back together

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“My life would have been over if you had kicked me out ” Saddam tells Vava .

“No , it would have been over for a day or two . Then you would have been seen galavanting with young girls ” Vava responded

“No , I have had enough of them . Never and never ever again and serious never again . I am going with you am all about you .Than you ” Saddam tells her .

“Listen we have a small problem ” Saddam

“This child we must not pay her we have just to fire her ” Vava tells Saddam

But they ended up saying that they should pay her some money and she goes .

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