Isibaya 08 June 2020
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Isibaya 08 June 2020 : Ntandane Steals Money . Ntandane is a person who is unpredictable , he wants to make sure the Zungus expel Qaphela . He takes money so that Qaphela gets in trouble .

Fenyang goes and visit Phumele at her house and they enjoyed each other’s company . The security guard comes and ask her about the visitor but she denied that there was no visitor after telling her friend Fenyang to hide so that he does not get seen . They cooked together and also did some baking .

Thokozani tells Qaphela and Jerry that they have security so the money can not be stollen by anyone outside but someone inside the house . Jerry told Thokozani that they suspect Ntandane

Mkhabayi calls Qaphela and ask about the money and Qaphela decides to lie to buy himself time but Mkhabayi told him to put the money in the back account immediately when he wakes up in the morning . Qaphela agrees that he will do that .

Isibaya 05 June 2020 : Ntandane Apologizes To Qaphela

Fenyang ends up sleeping over at Phumele’s house to avoid driving at night but it was also Phumele’s idea for Fenyang’s sleep over .

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