Isibaya 09 April 2020
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Isibaya 09 April 2020 .Melusi did not register at school . It was discovered that Malusi did not register at school , this shocked his mother . They say that raising a girl child is difficult but Melusi proved that boys are also difficult to raise .

“You did not register at school Melusi is that true ” Phumelele asked ?

“Melusi I don’t want to ask you again is that true ?” She asked again .

“Yes , Ma . It is true ” Melusi Answered

“It means .. It is not enough that you bring girls here to do nonsense that I do not know where you learned . That is not enough . You are not even registered at school your life is just a lie ” Phumelele .

“Ma I can explain ” Melusi .

“What to explain you want to lie again ?” Phumelele .

“I am not a child , Ma” Melusi shouted .

“Oh you not a child ? are you a man ?”Phumelele .

“No Ma, I did not mean it like that , if you give me a chance to explain . ” Melusi .

“No no my son . There is no reason for you to explain , am the one who is the wrong I am sorry for treating you like a child because you are a man . You can be independent . I do not want to be a bad person and stop you from the life you want to live because you are a man , be a man let us see ” Phumelele.

Isibaya 09 April 2020

He messed up his life because now he is not going to stay for free anymore , he has to pay R700 for his room , food and clothes . He is going to be washing the cars in order to get money for all his bills . He was taken tp the rank to wash the cars and he tried to negotiate with Skhaleni and Ntandane but they refused to listen to him . They told him if they do not punish him his father since is their boss will punish them.

Isibaya 09 April 2020

Nombulelo Introduces Saddam’s child to the family .

“Mkhulu and Magriza , look what I have . Ta-da.” Jerry .

“Never , out ” Vava shouted .

“Saddam , it is your child.” Nombulelo introduces the child to Saddam .

“My goodness you are lying , you are lying , you are a devil ” Vava responds .

“What did you say ” Saddam asked Nombulelo .

“It is your child Boitumelo ” Nombulelo responded .

“What ? what is wrong with you ” Saddam .

“Don’t fall for the trap, Dam-Dam ” Vava .

“Come lets go ” Saddam takes Nomblelo away .

“Dam-Dam its a trap ” Vava .

“Nana , come here ” Jerry call the child to avoid her get involved in drama

Jerry Comforts her and told her that she was safe and introduces her to Qaphela . Boitumelo is the name for the girl child , the child was very lucky Jerry liked her and he tried to convince Qaphela that she is Saddam’s child .

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