Isibaya 15 June 2020 : Enhle and Jabulani Zungu drama
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Isibaya 15 June 2020 : Enhle and Jabulani Zungu drama. Jabu and Enhle insisted that they wanted to reveal the truth about their love affair and the pregnancy because they said they have lies so they can not lie to the community and their child they want him/her to grow up in the right hands and home .

Isibaya 15 June 2020 : Enhle and Jabulani Zungu drama

Enhle visits Dabula in jail and tells him that she got another person and told him the child is not his . Dabula just stood up and left her there , he was speechless it was too much for him . But in future he will appreciate her because she is very brave and she did not want to lie to him .

Phumele calls Fenyang and tells him about the message Zungu sent to her which explains about the divorce . Fenyang told her that he will come later so that they discus her options .

He goes to her and this time with gifts , they cooked together and took some pictures together .

Nolwandle gets angry at Qaphela because he told her that he chased Jerry away to go back home . Qaphela said that he wanted to help her because he felt like Jerry was bothering her. Nolwandle told him that she is old if she wanted help she was gonna tell him.

Mkhabayi asked Jabu if he told his father and he said that yes but his father did not say anything .

Qaphela goes and apologizes to Nolwandle and he gives Jerry’s numbers to her though she acted like she does not need them and she said maybe she will call him maybe not . Qaphela leaves and tell them that he came for work he does not care about their love affairs .

Isibaya 12 June 2020 : Things gets better for Qaphela

Enhle calls a general meeting but before she speaks to the people her mother took her away to brief her about her concerns .

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