Isibaya 07 April 2020
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Isibaya 22 April 2020 :Kwanele tells Skhaleni that he has corona because he is not feeling well so it should be Covid-19 . Then Skhaleni calls his wife and tells her that also him he is sick because he touched Kwanele , the wife told him to go to pro-tea and isolate himself and he must go test . He continues to tell more people that he is sick , he explain to Bra Shady about the situation.

Isibaya 07 April 2020

Isibaya 22 April 2020 :Kwanele tells Skhaleni that he has corona virus (Covid-19)

Kwanele calls back and tell Skhaleni that he does not have corona he got his results which indicated negative . Skhaleni told him that he was also worried because he thought he got the virus from him. Then they entered the car and left with Bra Sdhady .

But today much of the story was not focused on new things but they were showing the previous life of Lerato Brashady’s child who passed away long time ago .

Bra shady bought a machine to sanitize the cars and Skhaleni was busy sanitizing one of the cars .

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